STUDIO Expertise

It all starts with you. Our expertise is only as powerful as crafting an approach that tells your unique story about your product, brand, or business.

But we stick to what we know and what we know well by focusing on our core expertise to shine the spotlight on you.

Social & Content Management

Content is everything. In an ever-evolving landscape of how we consume information, your content needs to break through the noise, remain authentic, and offer insight, entertainment, or information. No pressure, right? Helping you manage this, we dive into your social channels, website, and platforms to understand you, your message, and your audiences. We listen, we learn, and we formulate strategies that remain steadfast to industry trends, attract the right audience, and keep your content consistently engaging to your online community.

Press & Media Announcements

Insert cliche about press here. Whether all press is good press or nothing is really off the record, we know what makes your story newsworthy and how to get people talking about it. Starting with our tight relationships in the media space, we keep our ears to the ground of industry trends, timely celebrations, and unique hooks that pique interest, delight readers, and get audiences excited to interact with your business.

Launch Events & Pop Ups

Bread and butter is for Bernays. This is our peanut butter and jelly, the umbrella to our drink. We specialize in hyper-local media events that garner interest from the press in a way that gets them talking about your business and attracts audiences to keep them talking about it. With a thoughtful approach to customizing events from restaurant and general hospitality openings to product launches, to unique business enhancements, we tackle event strategy, concept, production, and management for a buzzworthy moment that delivers measurable results.

Influencer Collaborations

Social media marketing plays exceptionally well with influencer marketing. The sheer velocity of influencers have now allowed more people to feel more heard, connected, and understood with the online influencers, personalities, and brands they interact with everyday. Our goal is to work with you on a social media campaign that identifies your goals to focus on the influencers that will make the biggest impact on your audiences and your business. We’re experts in not just identifying key influencers but working with them on concept creation for a campaign that positions your business as a highly engaging brand.