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Hi, I'm Sarah!

Yup, with an H.

Left-handed by nature, right-brained by heart, advertising expert by trade.


I also happen to be the Founder & CEO of  Orange Island Media, a studio centered around what it's all about - social connection. What drives human interaction, everyday decisions and has changed the way we communicate, indefinitely.

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Like most, I pursued my academic career post-high school and earned my B.A. in Advertising & PR from the Nicholson School of Communications at the University of Central Florida followed by my MBA in Business Management from Nova Southeastern University.

Without knowing it at the time, my degrees would welcome me to the wild world of advertising while preparing me for my pursuit of entrepreneurship.

Nearly 15 years later and with collective experience working for tech startups, honing my expertise in client relations, social media, influencer relations, copywriting, press & events, executing marketing campaigns for clients like Warner Bros., Spotify, Rolling Stone & Verizon Media, I've built a career on crafting and telling stories through creative and thoughtful marketing initiatives.

Credentials & Expertise



so·​cial | \ ˈsō-shəl : relating to or involving activities in which people spend time talking to each other or doing enjoyable things with each other